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Chevrolet Under Fire For Methods Used To Get Old Man To Cry In Truck Commercial


WASHINGTON, DC– New details have come to light over the controversial methods used to get an old man to cry in a Chevrolet Truck commercial that aired widely last fall and early winter. “There’s the right way to make an old man cry and then there’s the wrong way. In this case, Chevrolet definitely used the wrong way,” said Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

The details of the abuse came to light after concerned citizens began to wonder why the old man was crying in the first place and started asking questions. When reached for comment Chevrolet said: “Proper guidelines were followed to make the old man cry and that those who are not comfortable with this type of raw expression of emotion are trying to railroad us.”

When asked why The Department of Transportation was handling the investigation, Secretary Buttigieg responded, “because the abuse took place in a truck commercial and trucks are a form of transportation.”

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