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Entrepreneur Dreams Of Growing Business To A Place Where People Are Shorting Its Stock

PHILADELPHIA– A Kensington entrepreneur dreams of growing his “funny yet erotic” greeting card company to a place where people are shorting its stock. “This whole Wall Street bets thing got my creative juices flowing. It made me think what if I created a company that got super successful then crapped out and people were shorting the stock like AMC and GameStop,” said Tasteful Dudes Greeting Card Company founder Steven Bone. Bone who knows nothing about the greeting card business didn’t let that stop him from creating over two hundred greeting card concepts. “I’m not really an artist but I drew up like a bunch of different cards, some are XXX-rated, I also put together a pitch deck for prospective investors to take a look at. Now that bars are re-opened I’ve really been able to show the pitch deck to a bunch of people. Some people have even given me $20 or bought me a beer to leave them alone.” At press time, Bone began to realize that many greeting card companies aren’t publicly traded and was trying to pivot his concept to another type of business.

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