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Chess Game In Movie Not Microcosm Of Main Narrative Conflict, Characters Just Playing Chess Because It’s Fun

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

NEW YORK– Unwinding from their recent trials and tribulations and nothing more, a pair of movie characters, Jason Knox and Hamish Batie, were playing a game of chess for their own personal pleasure that did not serve as a microcosm of the main narrative conflict. “I’m really glad we could find some time to relax and do something wholly unrelated to everything we’ve been going through recently,” said Batie as he captured one of Knox’s last remaining pieces, which is in no way reflective of the current state of affairs of some broader struggle. “Also, just to clarify, I didn’t choose Black because it symbolizes which side of the moral dichotomy of good and evil I’m on but rather because I just so happen to prefer playing as Black.” At press time, Knox and Batie had gotten into a heated argument for the sole purpose of hashing some stuff out and not to signify the second act break.

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