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Really? Cat’s Adoption Bio Says 420 Friendly

PHILADELPHIA– On a recent sunny Sunday afternoon, a masked crowd of onlookers puzzled over a cat’s adoption bio in the window of a Fairmont Avenue pet store that announced that he was “420 friendly.” “That shit looks like a lion straight from Zion, hell yeah he’s 420 friendly,” exclaimed an onlooker. The 14lb Maine Coon cat named “Cheeba” had a regal leonine presence as he surveyed the scene on the sidewalk from his carpeted perch complete with a tie-dyed tapestry backdrop. Onlooker Mary Fouts pointed out that the “420 friendly” detail seemed sincere since nothing else in his bio seemed like jokey bullshit. The crowd grew agitated when a fan who entered the pet store and attempted to smoke a blunt with Cheeba was asked to leave the store. At press time, the crowd had started chanting “Free Cheeba” and was attempting to break into the pet store to liberate the cat.