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New Data Shows Sharp Increase In Number Of Children Being Named Baby Yoda

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

PHILADELPHIA- The Social Security Administration has released its annual list of the top 1,000 baby names registered for the calendar year 2020, and “Baby Yoda” has rocketed up the charts. “Baby Yoda has always been a fairly popular name but with the debut of The Mandalorian in the fall of 2019, we’ve seen unparalleled growth with this name. It’s very rare to see a name go from being ranked 745th to the top five the following year,” noted Social Security spokesman Leif Vader. Recently, parents who had named their babies Danerys or Khaleesi suffered from namer’s remorse when the popular “Game Of Thrones” character turned evil and ruined the entire series with rushed sloppy writing. When asked if parents who had named their child Baby Yoda would suffer a similar fate, Vader offered the following: “Honestly how could you go wrong naming your child that? I mean he’s such a cutie. He can do no wrong. Even when he ate that poor frog lady’s eggs it was so cute and naughty. My heart nearly exploded.” At press time Vader said that The Administration had noticed a slight uptick in the number of parents wanting to change their baby’s names to Grogu after that was revealed to be Baby Yoda’s proper name.

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