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Old Spice Releases New 9-in-1 Shampoo!

If you thought shampoo technology couldn’t get any better then buckle in. Old Spice has just launched their new 9-in-1 Shampoo. Take a look at all of its cool new features! 

Face Wash

Get those pores nice and clean!

Body Wash

Now you won’t get confused in the shower! Just squirt that stuff on your body and get scrubbing!


Hey, these are the same thing anyway right! Just lather that into your head for a luscious mane fit for a King or Queen! 

Dish Soap

Get those dirty dishes scrubbed up and looking clean! And it even works on ducks in oil spills! 

Laundry Detergent

No time to waste here! Get that dirty laundry into the washing machine with a couple cups of this 9-in-1 shampoo and you’ll have fresh smelling clothes in no time!

Sacramental Wine

If you’re a priest in a pinch don’t fret. Old Spice has got you. Just grab your 9-in-1 shampoo and pour it up for Sunday Mass! And if you’re Jewish it is also Kosher certified for Friday Night Shabbat.

Sourdough Bread Starter

Want the delicious taste of warm, crusty sourdough bread, but don’t have a sourdough starter? It’s all good because your new Old Spice 9-in-1 Shampoo acts as a leavening agent for your favorite sourdough bread recipe! 

Easy Weekday Marinara Sauce

No time for Sunday Gravy? Just add a little Old Spice to your pasta for a quick and easy weekday meal. 

It’s never been easier to combine all your daily tasks with just one liquid. No need for multiple pesky bottles cluttering the house because with Old Spice’s New 9-in-1 Shampoo, you can do it all!

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