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New Study Finds Baby Carrots Are Best Type Of Babies For Eating

“Baby carrots” by m01229 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

PHILADELPHIA- After an analysis of over 50 different types of babies, a new study from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finds baby carrots are the best type of babies for eating. “We tested a wide range of babies, including baby corn, baby spinach, and baby bok choy,” said lead FDA researcher Dale Simmons, who assured the committee’s findings were in no way influenced by recent donations from several companies in the Big Carrot industry. “Baby carrots performed well in most tests, but they really excelled in the categories of ‘General Snacking’ and ‘Offering To Coworkers,’ which was enough to select them as top babies to consume. The baby that came closest in overall score was Baby Back Ribs, smothered in Sweet Baby Ray’s.” At press time, the study’s authors acknowledged they could have made it clearer that the study did not include any human babies.

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