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Golden Retriever Loses Title After Upset In Game Of Fetch

BLUE BELL, PA – Family dog and all around good boy, Rex the retriever, lost the coveted title of “Golden” after a devastating loss in a game of fetch last Tuesday. “Rex was always first to the tennis ball anytime I’d throw it, but it’s looking like his reign as top dog is coming to an end,” explained Billy Hugo, Rex’s owner and best friend, adding, “until he can reclaim first place, he’ll have to be called a Silvered retriever.”

The game of fetch reached a shocking climax when the neighbor’s chihuahua came out of nowhere to grab the tennis ball just before the retriever could get to it. “I’ve never heard of a Golden chihuahua before but he got to the tennis ball first fair and square,” observed Lawrence Riverton, the neighbor and chihuahua owner. Riverton added, “I’m a proud pet parent. He’s definitely getting an extra treat tonight, maybe I’ll even take him for a ride in the car.” The rematch is scheduled for the next time Rex whines at the back door to be let out. The Golden chihuahua is nervous about defending his title, citing a squirrel in a nearby tree as being a possible distraction.     

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